GIFTSOFT products are certified for new ISO 20022 standards across SWIFT, CHIPS, and Fedwire.

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Payments, Fraud, Risk and Compliance Solutions

eGIFTS - Global Funds Transfer System

GIFTSOFT’s eGIFTS system is a fully automated payment, compliance and messaging solution designed to streamline processing for US domestic and foreign banks utilizing the Fedwire, CHIPS, ACH, RTGS and SWIFT networks. The system utilizes the latest hardware and software technologies, providing unprecedented system availability, through-put and simplicity of use to meet the needs of our customers.

eGIFTS scans payments for OFAC / Sanction list violations and notifies the bank of possible fraud situations. Confirmed payments are posted to the bank’s core system and sent to the appropriate network. The eGIFTS solution is also platform agnostic and interfaces are available for many core-banking / back office, eBanking, SWIFT, FX rates and Sanction list scanning solutions. This approach makes the lead time to integrate eGIFTS to a bank’s systems minimal.

eGIFTS functionality is provided via any secured browser. Being web-based technology, this simplifies the rollout process to the branch network and supports online inquiry to service customer payment inquiries. eGIFTS seamlessly integrates with other GIFTSOFT products set or third-party vendors.

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GIFTSWEB - Worldwide Electronic Banking

GIFTSWEB is a powerful new generation web-based banking system. It is designed to work with any integrated payment, back-office and/or accounting system.

GIFTSWEB is a multi-language platform and can be customized to render in many other languages. The responsive web design of the application allows it to render smartly on various devices including tablets and smart phones. The application can be completely customized and white-labeled to match the look and feel of the institution’s brand.

GIFTSWEB runs on your organization web server or third-party hosting services. No special software is required on the client’s PC or smart devices. This Web browser-based system, available 24/7/365, has been implemented by many financial institutions to help them modernize their customer’s banking experience. Each of the five modules of the GIFTSWEB suite can be purchased individually or as a complete solution to meet your institution’s individual requirements. GIFTSWEB seamlessly integrates with other GIFTSOFT products set or third-party vendors.


Investigations and Compensation System

GIFTSOFT Investigations and Compensation System aka ICSWEB is a comprehensive system designed to automate the logging, tracking, control, correspondence, adjustment and reporting of investigation and compensation cases received by an institution. ICSWEB runs on your organization’s Servers or third-party hosting services.

ICSWEB allows institutions to offer prompt and superior customer service, providing the competitive edge required for success in the financial industry.

The system is delivered with a set of best practices rules database and custom investigations templates. This database and its associated template files are easily modified to ensure all cases are processed in a consistent manner as required by your internal policy. ICSWEB complements and seamlessly integrates with other GIFTSOFT products set or third-party vendors.

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AML Enterprise (GIFTSEDD)

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

GIFTSOFT AML Enterprise is changing the way institutions address regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements. This sophisticated risk-based solution, implemented globally by numerous banks and financial institutions, provides the analytical tools needed to proactively monitor and detect possible suspicious, unusual and fraudulent transactional activity. The AML Enterprise suite is designed to work with many popular payment, credit card, back office, accounting and other processing systems. AML Enterprise has a powerful Sanction list capabilities and supports Sanction lists from many institutions and third-party vendors.

AML Enterprise provides Regulatory Inquiry to instantaneously find the information required by the Regulators. The Profiler module is delivered with a set of detection scenarios library where users can build and execute additional scenarios. The fraud module has a library of predefined fraud and red flag scenarios. The powerful case management module captures, manages and track cases with auto-creation of regulatory forms. MIS reporting and advanced auditing is available.

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For GIFTSOFT clients, in addition to our standard products set, we offer professional services and custom consulting engagements to address the ever-changing requirements of the banking industry from business functionality, technology and compliance perspectives. Our team of developers, engineers and architects will work closely with your team to craft a scope of work to build powerful custom solutions for your organization.

Our team collectively has many decades of experience building out custom use-cases and can suggest best practices across the industry. Providing world class professional services to our clients, with full attention to detail, is our number one priority. Additionally, our customer support desk is 24/7/365 and goes hand-in-hand with the quality of professional services we provide.