eGIFTS - Global Funds Transfer System

GIFTSOFT eGIFTS system is a fully automated payment, compliance and messaging solution designed to streamline processing for US domestic and foreign banks utilizing the Federal Reserve Bank, CHIPS, ACH, RTGS and SWIFT networks. The system utilizes the latest hardware and software technologies, providing unprecedented system availability, through-put and simplicity of use. eGIFTS is platform agnostic.

Instructions can be received via SWIFT, online banking or the back-office applications and then eGIFTS does the rest. Payments can also be entered manually.  eGIFTS scans the payment for OFAC / Sanction list violations, checks the account balance and, using the optional fraud module, notifies the bank of possible fraud situations. Payments are posted to the bank’s core system and sent to the appropriate network. Standard off-the-shelf interfaces are available for many core-banking/ back office, eBanking, SWIFT, FX rates and Sanction list scanning solutions. Thus, the lead time to integrate eGIFTS to the bank’s existing solutions is minimal.

eGIFTS functionality is provided via any secured browser, meaning that no software is required to be installed on the client workstation or smart devices. Browser technology simplifies the rollout process to the branch network and supports online inquiry to service customer payment inquiries. eGIFTS seamlessly integrates with other GIFTSOFT products set or third-party vendors.

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