Investigations and Compensation System

GIFTSOFT Investigations and Compensation System aka ICSWEB is a comprehensive system designed to automate the logging, tracking, control, correspondence, adjustment and reporting of investigation and compensation cases received by an institution. ICSWEB runs on your organization’s Servers or third-party hosting services.

ICSWEB allows institutions to offer prompt and superior customer service, providing the competitive edge required for success in the financial industry.

The system is delivered with a set of best practices rules database and custom investigations templates that have been developed over the past several years. This database and its associated template files are easily modified to ensure all cases are processed in a consistent manner as required by your internal policy. No special software is required on the client’s PC or smart devices in order to run ICSWEB. ICSWEB can be accessed using any secured Web browser. ICSWEB seamlessly integrates with other GIFTSOFT products set or third-party vendors.

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