AML Enterprise (GIFTSEDD)

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

GIFTSOFT AML Enterprise is changing the way institutions address regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements. This sophisticated risk-based solution, implemented globally by numerous banks and financial institutions, provides the analytical tools needed to proactively monitor and detect possible suspicious, unusual and fraudulent transactional activity. The AML Enterprise suite is designed to work with many popular payment, credit card, back office, accounting and other processing systems. AML Enterprise has a powerful Sanction list capabilities and supports Sanction lists from many institutions and third-party vendors.

AML Enterprise provides Regulatory Inquiry to instantaneously find the information required by the Regulators. The Profiler module is delivered with a set of detection scenarios library where users can build and execute additional scenarios. The fraud module has a library of predefined fraud and red flag scenarios. The powerful case management module captures, manages and track cases with auto-creation of regulatory forms. MIS reporting and advanced auditing is available.

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